The RB493 has nine ethernet ports and three miniPCI slots, it also has a switch chip, so the ethernet ports of your choice can be grouped together to make it act as a switch.

RB493 includes RouterOS - the operating system, which will turn this powerful system into a highly sophisticated router, firewall or bandwidth manager.

Product specifications

Product codeRB493
CPU nominal frequency300 MHz
CPU core count1
Size of RAM64 MB
10/100 Ethernet ports9
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports0
MiniPCI slots3
MiniPCI-e slots0
Wireless chip model0
Number of USB ports0
Memory Cards0
Power Jack10-28V
802.3af supportNo
PoE in10-28V
Voltage MonitorNo
CPU temperature monitorNo
PCB temperature monitorNo
Operating temperature range-30C to +60C
License levelLevel4
Current MonitorNo
SFP ports0
Suggested price$129.00