The RB800 is an advanced high performance wireless platform. It has four miniPCI slots, three Gigabit ethernet ports, two daughterboard connectors (one PCI and one PCI-e), a miniPCI-e slot and a compact flash slot.

The two daughterboard connectors allow you to expand the number of wired and wireless ports, and the new high power CPU is capable of supporting them all.

RB800 has daughterboard connector, so you have a lot of expansion possibilities. You can buy RB502 to add two miniPCI slots, RB604 to add four miniPCI slots or RB816 to add 16 Ethernet ports!

This is the new definition of wireless networking power. Combined with RouterOS - RB800 is the most powerful and sophisticated wireless router, firewall and bandwidth manager.

Product specifications

Product codeRB800
CPU nominal frequency800 MHz
CPU core count1
Size of RAM256 MB
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports3
MiniPCI slots4
MiniPCI-e slots1
Memory Cards1
Memory card typeCF
Power Jack1
802.3af supportYes
PoE in802.3af
Supported input voltage10 V - 57 V
Voltage MonitorYes
CPU temperature monitorYes
Operating SystemRouterOS
Tested ambient temperature-60°C .. +70°C tested
License level6
Serial portRS232
Storage typeNAND
Storage size512 MB
Suggested price$359.00

Ethernet test results

RB800MPC8533 1G all port test
ModeConfiguration1518 byte512 byte64 byte
Bridgingnone (fast path)243.52,957.1330.41,353.3883.8452.5
Bridging25 bridge filter rules162.31,971.0185.3759.0187.495.9
Routingnone (fast path)243.52,957.1330.01,351.7755.4386.8
Routing25 simple queues205.02,489.5294.41,205.9303.2155.2
Routing25 ip filter rules121.41,474.3122.9503.4122.662.8
  1. All tests are done with Xena Networks specialized test equipment (XenaBay),and done according to RFC2544 (Xena2544)
  2. Max throughput is determined with 30+ second attempts with 0,1% packet loss tolerance in 64, 512, 1518 byte packet sizes
  3. Values in Italic indicate that max throughput was reached without maxing out CPU, but because board interface configuration was maxed out
  4. Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using mentioned hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results